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Congratulations to Dr. Vo Family Dentistry on being the on top Dentist in London ranking of 2015.
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Part of our success with the award is due to our Emergency Care that we provide for our clients.


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In a relaxing environment that you can feel welcome we'll assess your needs and care for you in our own unique way.

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Looking for health teeth and dazzling smile, just visit Dr. Vo’s clinic and experience a variety of painless dental treatment.

Dr. Vo Dentistry - London Ontario Dentist For Your Whole Family

Are you looking for a caring family dentist in London Ontario?

My Name is Dr Phuong Vo and my London, Ontario dental clinic staffed with my team of qualified assistants and hygienists has been offering restorative, periodontic and pediatric dental services to families since 2004.

In our Oxford Street clinic we strive to practice family dentistry, which means we believe in creating a warm and friendly atmosphere for patients of all ages.

Along with a strong personal touch, our practice is fully digitized for speed, efficiency and your comfort and safety. Intra oral cameras (IOC) allow us to view images on a computer screen. We use radiographs which use half the radiation of standard x-rays and are considerable faster. And digital record keeping allows fast accurate retrieval of patient histories and transmission to specialists.

Total Oral Hygiene Solutions

Everyone's mouth is different so keeping teeth and gums healthy demands a multifaceted approach. For this reason we provide a broad array of services in the restorative and periodontic fields.

We offer a full range of restorative dentistry services including the latest in fillings, crowns and veneers to create that healthy sparkle, as well as bridges to compensate for lost teeth and maintain the integrity of the bite.

We also focus on periodontics, making your gums and other vital supporting structures healthy and strong to ensure total and lasting oral hygiene. Also, procedures such as scaling and fluoride treatment ensure your teeth are as clean and as strong as they can be.

And of course we handle the staple tasks of extractions and root canal procedures.

A Smile to Be Proud Of

If you've ever dreamed of having the smile of a Hollywood star, you can now make it a reality. Crooked, chipped or discolored teeth can be quickly transformed into a dazzling perfect smile through the use of veneers.

Or if you're embarrassed at your crooked teeth, forget ugly braces. We offer the latest Invisalign treatment of "invisible orthodontics" for aligning your teeth in a way that no one will ever notice.

A Lifelong Commitment to Oral Hygiene

If you want teeth that function well and look good for a lifetime, you need to start young. That's why we place special emphasis on pediatric dentistry.

By taking care of your teeth from a young age and instilling an understanding of the key role oral hygiene plays in your quality of life, we set you up for a future of attractive healthy smiles and a problem free-mouth.

When you come to use as a new patient, we first carry out a rigorous examination and study your dental and medical history. Then we can deliver a range of treatment options tailored to your exact needs.

So if you need to find a family dentist in London, Ontario who blends the most modern and hygienic treatments in a warm and caring environment, please contact us for an appointment. Our hours are flexible and we speak English, French and Vietnamese.