• Crowns

    If you have individual teeth that are damaged, your best option may be a crown.

    A crown is a Porcelain, Ceramic or Gold shell that covers an unsound tooth. Also known as caps, dental crowns can give a new lease of life to badly damaged or decayed teeth.

    The procedure involves shaping the existing tooth to accept the crown. This is done under local anesthetic. Then an impression is made and sent to a laboratory for the crown to be made. The crown is matched to the color of existing teeth so that it looks natural.
    It can take several weeks for the technicians to create the crown. In the meantime you will be fitted with a temporary crown to allow you to eat as normal.

    You then return to the dentist to have your new crown bonded in to place.
    A crown procedure takes two to three office visits.

    Crowns typically last for 10 to 15 years or more which means they represent excellent value.