• Digital Radiography

    Digital radiography presents several advantages compared to traditional dental photography, including: the speed at which we are able to view images and the ability to reference your x-rays at any point during your care.

    These benefits allow our knowledgeable staff to provide you with more personalized, proficient care during your dental visit.

    A digital x-ray can also help our staff identify potential problems that would not be visible upon direct examination which allows us to accurately monitor treatment.

    If digital radiography is recommended during your visit, we'll tell you at your appointment.

    The images can be taken immediately and are available right away, so there's no need to wait for your results.

    Intraoral Cameras

    The full-colour, detailed photos provided by our intraoral cameras can go a long way in helping our team determine the best possible dental care plan for you – and help you feel more involved in your treatment.

    An intraoral camera is a tiny, high-resolution device that fits very comfortably inside a patient's mouth, providing an otherwise impossible level of access and detail in even the hardest to reach places.

    The sharp, accurate images are enlarged so that you and our dental team can view them together.

    By projecting images of exactly what is seen by our dental team, intraoral cameras can give you a better understanding of your treatment options – helping you to feel more actively involved in your care.

    Providing a real-life image of your smile, an intraoral camera is an important tool for determining the best possible oral health treatment for our patients.

    Ultrasonic Scalers

    The sonic scaler operates at a low frequency of about 3,000 to 8,000 cycles/second (which is how many times the tip comes in contact with the tooth). The use of ultrasonic devices has dramatically improved the practice of supragingival scaling and periodontal debridement. It’s been proven to be more efficient removal of dental plaque and calculi with ultrasonic instrumentation. The ultrasonic tip spray promotes elimination of dental plaque. Also causes less tissue trauma due to no sharp cutting edges.